Personal Narrative: My Experience On My Walk Home

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I have always been paranoid. I sleep with three lamps on since I’m deathly afraid of the dark, and have pepper spray with me every day that I walk home from school. I can almost never stay home alone, because of my fear of kidnappers and robbers breaking in. Scary movies are not my thing at all and on halloween I prefer to stay home and pass out candy. My biggest fear of all though, are the popular girls at school. There perfectly painted faces make me so mad, and there skinny jeans don’t hold a match to my leggings. But, overall, it’s what they say. Last year, on my walk home, I had a very bad experience that made me hate them even more. The fear and humiliation they put me through was so unexpected, so awful and cruel. I was petrified the whole walk home, and in the end, the cause of my fear was shocking. I…show more content…
“Taxis R Us, how may I help you?”, asked the cheerful voice on the other end. Her positivity made me so infuriated in a time like this. The lady said that I would have to wait for at least 15 minutes for a cab and as I used my soft, silky sweater to wipe the lenses of my smeared glasses, I decided to just suck it up and walk home. The orange fanta was fizzy and citrusy, making my taste buds bubble and lift my spirits a little bit. The last 3 miles seemed to stretch in front of me like a marathon. Each step was hard to take, although my wanting to get home was as strong as it had ever been. The follower was hot on my tracks at that point, but my ability to walk any faster was slowly fading away. On the last mile, I ran as fast as I could. My Converse seemed to carry me, after I had walked so slow for the two miles before that one. My backpack full of books slammed against the back of my back, forcing me to run faster. As soon as I arrived at my house, I unzipped my backpack and searched around for my house key. The door was jammed, just my luck, so it took twice as long as usual to get
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