Personal Narrative: My Experience To Colonial Williamsburg

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As my family and I approach the entrance to Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia we were all filled with excitement and anticipation of a great weekend. The local hotel we stayed at was just down the road and provided an exquisite lodging experience we seldom find elsewhere as we travel. Roaming the grounds of Colonial Williamsburg, we stopped and listened to a woman in character explain here day to day responsibilities of taking care of the household while her husband was out in the field harvesting crops. Another actor was explaining his day to day life as a blacksmith forging swords for the local regimens. The employees that are on staff facilitating presentations at various stations around the compound, maintain the character for the period of the historical person they are portraying with remarkable acting.…show more content…
Walking about the enticing aroma of food piqued our interest as passed a couple of taverns and restaurants. With multiple places to eat and drink in and surrounding the historical area, any appetite or style of food can be accommodated. Now hungry, we decided to stop in to one of the taverns and partook of the historical fare. We noshed on turkey sandwiches, hamburgers, seafood stew, and fish and chips till we were content and lazily set back out to experience more of this fascinating

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