Personal Narrative: My Experience With A New Charge Nurse

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Five years ago, when I just got on the floor as a new charge nurse it was very difficult to deal with one of the nurses who had more than twelve-years of experience in this facility. I was a little overwhelmed by all the information that was thrown over me at the beginning. In first week, I talked to almost everybody and listened to their concerns and suggestions, except the experience nurse (Ana) who never came to my office and skipped talking when I tried to talk to her in nursing station telling excuses that she is so busy. I accepted that, but week later I tried again starting a conversation in the brake room, but she simply ignored me. Another week after, I heard gossiping that she was talking to one of the co-workers about my no experience…show more content…
Previously the patient access was clotted and patient was sent to procedure for access de-clotting. He called to assist a treatment late afternoon. I placed the patient on the schedule and called a technician to be informed. When I told a technician about assigned patient to him, he starts yelling and complaining. He was kindly explained; however, he starts rolling his eyes, hand gesturing, speaking something very fast in Spanish, and gossiping on the floor. When I checked patient float sheet after one hour and fifteen minutes I did not find any vital sign monitoring, so he was ignoring monitoring his patient every thirty minutes according to policy and procedure, leaving the patient alone. I don’t know if my action was appropriate at that moment, but after almost two hours I released this technician from the floor to facilitate patient area from problems to another co-worker and potential hazards to patient and report this incident to my manager. Later, I was informed that the facilities current attitude was culturally accepted because the manager tolerated or maybe ignored incivility. Incivility, bullying, and workplace violence are part of a larger multifaced fact, which contains a “constellation of harmful actions taken and those not taken” in the workplace (Saltzberg, 2011, p. 229). At the beginning counsel and educated the bully directly and

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