Personal Narrative: My Experience With Brain Injury

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I have experience the things that can occur from a brain injury first hand. In September of 2012, my daughter Deja Mason was injured and has been suffering for the last 3 years. Upon entering the 6th grade my daughter was on an 8th grade math level and a 7th grade reading level. During the third week of school, another student was playing and joking around in the school yard pushing children from behind. Deja was pushed into a metal basketball pole. As a result of that push my daughter suffered from a fractured collar bone, a concussion, loss vision in the right eye, and a loss of memory.
Before being properly diagnosis from a Neurologist we thought Deja, was just experiencing bad headaches and blurry vision. Deja had to be seen every week for three months by a Neuro
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She was placed on medication to control the seizures, the side effects from the medications started making her very depressed and suicidal. Her medications were changed to try and prevent some of these side effects. After about three months of being diagnosed with the concussion Deja vision started to return and she was able to return to a normal classroom setting at school. Once returning to school we learned that she was still unable to remember things from her past that was already taught to her. The lights and glossy paper was affecting her at school and she was experiencing bad headaches all over again.
Deja started having more seizures and none of them were the same. After keeping a journal on all of her daily activities, I notice that she would complain of a bad headache before she had a seizure. She is now placed on an anti-depressant medication that is to control migraines for children to try and prevent the seizures from happening. As of today she is not back to normal but was able to return to most of her extra curriculum activities. This brain injury has been a setback for her and my family but it is a work in
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