Personal Narrative: My Experience With Christopher Columbus

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I had always wanted to ride along the Santa Maria with Christopher Columbus. I finally got that chance with the time machine I had built in my basement that I called Billy 9000. My time had finally come. I set the coordinates to August 3, 1492. Then I stepped into the machine, and closed the glass door. I then held my breath hoping for the best. The glass door opened. I was shocked. I had seemed to have teleported on the mother boat, the Santa Maria. I still stood there in shock while others went along on their day. The sky was dark and grey while lights were shining bright on the townhomes. The streets were made of clay tiles. We were all dressed up nice and fancy. I had gathered the items I had needed for the trip such as clothes, food and water. Then, I stepped aboard the Santa Maria when other crewmen were getting on the Pinta, and the Nina. That was when I had realized that I had forgotten a blanket for the cold, wet trips. Every other crewmen started to laugh when I told them about my…show more content…
“What was that” said Columbus. “Oh nothing” said I. “I just thought how pretty this place was.” “That’s what I thought,” said Columbus again. I really wanted to go back to my modern time now. I then took out the button that I kept with me so I could get back. When I pressed the button, Billy 9000 shot out of the sky. When the machine hit, all the men, including Columbus, jumped away from where it landed. I then hopped into the machine and set the coordinates to modern time. Then I took a glance in front of me and there was the whole crew, staring into my soul. Then I found myself back at home. “There’s no place like home,” thought I. During that trip I realized one thing, and one thing only. If your gonna go back in time a few hundred years, you gotta realize that it’s gonna be a whole lot different than modern times. There isn’t going to be any fancy tech or the J’s that you found on amazon. It’s all very basic pencil and

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