Personal Narrative: My Experience With Divorce

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When I was 5 years old my parents got divorced. At first I didn’t think much of it until I was a bit older when I started to go back and forth from parent to parent. I guess every child has a different experience with divorce, but mine was the worst. It 's by far the hardest thing any child has to face. The biggest things I struggled with was the trash talking and having to deal with the new girlfriend or boyfriend. A lot of children may feel like they have a less stable family because of divorce.
When my parents got divorced I was 5 years old and all I remember are the little things. I remember watching the fight that broke my parents up, but I don’t remember what was being said, I remember running to my sister crying saying that I’d miss her, I don’t remember my mom going to jail, but I do remember her calling me and telling me that she missed me. Once
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When my parents started dating, I was furious just thinking about them with someone else besides each other. When my dad got remarried to this woman, Ellen Cook, I didn’t think I could hate someone more than I hated her. She was the worst woman I ever met and so was her family. Every weekend I would go to their house it was like torture. I was either being called fat or hearing my sister being called fat. When I was younger I actually refused to eat because I was convinced that I was fat and to this day it’s still something that I struggle with. I was eight years old when that family convinced me that I was fat and I’ll never forgive them. When my mom started dating other people I had the same feeling towards them because all they wanted was my mom, but they didn’t want me. Some of them actually told my mom it was them or me. It always made me question why I wasn’t good enough and why they didn’t want me too. When dating as a parent, you have to not just think about yourself, but also think about who your kids would accept. This is something that doesn 't happen to all kids, but it does happen to a few unlucky

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