Personal Narrative: My Experience With ELL Students

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I am taking away a lot of new information from my observations and time I have spent with the ELL students. I witnessed the struggled that these students sometimes have to deal with something as simple as copying a sentences off the board and keeping up with the rest of the class. It takes them twice as long, because they have to look at each word and each word multiple times to copy it correctly. I learned how much more work it is to teach ELL students and how much more effort you as a teacher have to put into these students, but also how much more effort the students themselves have to put into their work. I learned you have to be patient and calm with ELL students, because they need that from their educators, ELL students need to surround…show more content…
I think this study is so important for teachers to be aware about, knowing about it and keeping it in mind while planning the materials for the class will include all students in the lessons. Also I think being aware of those students who need that help and this study can make it easier for the teacher to conduct lesson and present materials for the ELL students. As the teacher I worked with, she had a few ELL students right in her classroom, she had to work around them, but of course not exclude them from the lessons and activities. She had extras, she had extra materials for these students, she is aware of their learning levels, she is aware of their learning capacity, she is aware of how they learn. The teacher who is teaching ELL student in an integrated classroom needs to know that these students are capable of doing same things as the other students, they just might need more and a substantial amount of…show more content…
Even though this teacher is ELL certified, which means she has worked with many English Language Learners and that was her work path for a certain amount of time, she still has a full class of other students that she has to teach. From my observation during pause and overall, I did not see a professional come in and take one ELL student at a time and work with them one-on-one, granted I was not there every day, but I think that concerning the student, that type of work should be done on regular

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