Personal Narrative: My Experience With Ethnic Diversity

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During my time spent volunteering in there different community involvement endeavors I got a much stronger connection to people of ethnic diversity, people of color, but also their struggles which my seem different from my own but at the core set us all back. Primarily I chose giving much of my time to Saint Mary 's childcare because of the posting I saw on and how it was worded " I need of childcare to watch children while the parents make tamales to fundraise for extracurricular school activities" The post suggested that being bilingual would be helpful but not a necessity. Having grown up in a community with heavy amounts of immigration from Mexico I welcomed the familiarity of this type environment. Since coming to OSU the diversity has increased in meeting people from my own ethnic background and also people from the Middle East, but there were very few Hispanic people to what I had always been accustomed to. After working with the children and parents at Saint Mary 's I have found that the issues that face Mexican American in Southern Oregon, where I 'm from, and Central Oregon vary. I spoke to the women I figured was most in charged named Rosa,…show more content…
Lastly I got to volunteer for OSU SMILE which is STEM based curriculum for majors in science, math, engineering, and innovation. I volunteered for a morning working with middle schoolers who were proclaimed less likely to go to college. The experience was inspiring seeing kids who could do math much better than I could develop ideas and problem solve to real world issues. Many of these kids come from minority groups that traditionally don 't go to college and working with them was invaluable. This project open my eyes to the unique struggles that each minority groups face. Despite all of our difference the oppression in America is strong and real and creating awareness to all, especially student who come from more tradition western American backgrounds to see the underside of America is very

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