Personal Narrative: My Experience With Golf

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I was sitting in a chair after the golf tournament to see if my name would be called for a medal. The guy yelled out “Connor Mikesch for 10th place”. There were 60 people at the tournament and I got 10th place. I was really excited because I have never gotten a medal before in a tournament. Learning Golf was struggling and hard at first but then it got better over the years by going out and playing a lot. One problem that happened was when I wasn’t doing so good every time I would go out and play. Every shot I would hit it would be a bad shot or the ball would be in the water or the sand or even in people’s backyards. I fixed my problem by having lessons with someone to help me get better and not put the ball in the water or sand. Ever since I had lessons with someone, I have been doing great and getting even better and shooting lower scores.…show more content…
My grandpa taught me about the sport and I just immediately got hooked onto it. Ever since I learned about the sport I would always go to the driving range to practice and to try to get good at it. My parents didn’t think it was a good idea at first because I was only a year old. I was also taught on how to act on the course and to control myself if I hit a bad shot. Golf fits my personality because it was the only sport I really was interested in and that I wanted to be part of any sport and that’s how I learned about
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