Personal Narrative: My Experience With Ms. Aleshin

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The first day I came into Ms. Aleshin’s room, I knew that I would have to work hard and be the best I can. Ms. Aleshin expected a 100% from us, so she will most definitely expect it from you. She can be a little rough, but it is out of love to get you to work harder. Here are some tips I have to make sure your 7th grade experience goes smoother. First, make sure to do all your homework and projects because High Schools look at your grades in the 7th grade. It is never too early to think about your future. It is not only about completing your homework, but it is also about putting your time and effort. Also, make sure to study for your tests and don 't do it last second, Ms. Aleshin doesn 't like that. Speaking of tests, Ms. Aleshin has an ardor for vocabulary. so it will be wise to study and use all the vocabulary words she will give you. The vocabulary tests aren 't hard when you truly put time into learning these words.…show more content…
One other thing you should know is that Ms. Aleshin expects you to read a lot of books and you have to be prepared to read everyday. One genre I urge you to read is dystopian fiction. At first I was confused as to what it was, but I ended up loving it and reading many dystopian books. An example of this genre would be Unwind, this book is dystopian and if she doesn 't introduce this to you, then remember to check this book out. Reading also helps you improve on your Ela skills, so it will never be

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