Personal Narrative: My Experience With Open Heart Surgery

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I was only six months old when my birth family decided they couldn’t take care of me. I had a serious medical condition that needed surgery, they knew they couldn’t afford. I Needed to get open heart surgery because I had a leaking valve in my heart. Blood wasn’t able to pump to the rest of my body. You hear of children being left at a police station or being left on a door step. I had a different experience. I was left on a busy bridge. My family wrapped me with a basket with a note. The note had my name on it, my birthday and my situation. After roughly an hour someone finally took me to the hospital.

Once I was taken to the hospital my blood wasn’t circulating fast enough to the rest of my body causing my skin turn blue. The hospital was able to find an organization to pay for my surgery. I was then flown to Beijing to a more equipped hospital. I was too young to remember anything from the surgery. But, for the surgery to happen, my heart wouldn’t be able to beat on its own. I was hooked up to a machine that would pump all the blood to the rest of my body. The surgery had taken roughly 2-4 hours and a long recovery were on its way.
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I lived with this family for roughly a year. I wasn’t able to remember so all I know is what I was told. The family that I was staying with spoiled me with five whole bowls of ice cream a day. I wasn’t told much more besides the fact that I loved them. I wish I knew more about my foster family, but I

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