Personal Narrative: My Experience With PETA

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My personal narrative essay about my experiences with PETA was my easiest paper of the whole semester to write. I believe that was because I have written personal narratives all throughout my writing career, and have only ever been taught how to write narratives supporting my personal opinions. This narrative was about how PETA and animal rights activist have bothered me from when I first was old enough to realize what it was, up to this very day. While writing this I had a lot of different options on where to take this paper. I chose to write about my hunters safety class because it seems to be where it all started. Being an agriculture major here at Northwest, I originally wanted to research how PETA affected dairy cows since they have such a big presence in the agriculture department here at Northwest. As I started thinking about it and what we were really supposed to write about, I learned I need a story to go along with it all. In my personal narrative, I talk a little bit about where I went to high school and it is not much of an agriculture town.…show more content…
Even though I knew what my story was and how I felt about the situation, I could not come up with a way to properly structure the narrative. To accomplish my personal narrative paper, I started to just scribble down all my ideas and then started to weed out the ones that I could live without. It turned into an outline that took me from start to finish on this assignment. After I had an outline I still did not know where everything should go, in my first draft I structured it more like an argumentative essay. The best advice for that was to not have an introduction paragraph, but that advice was a little too vague. Taking away the introduction left an unknown reader lost. I eventually found a happy medium, I started by introducing the story and not starting off with information about PETA or just jumping into the
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