Personal Narrative: My Experience With Stage 4 Neuroblastoma

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When I was little, I always had lots of fevers and headaches. We didn’t know what was causing them. On February 14, 2007, I had been diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma. I went through 5 rounds of chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, Accutane and antibody treatments. I then became cancer free for a year; I thought this was the end. I thought that I had beat cancer but then life threw a curve ball my way. I went back for my checkups and the doctors observed a lymph node near my heart. This was my first relapse and I couldn’t help but feel a little defeated. My doctors decided to start me off with surgery with the hope of getting rid of the lymph node faster. I then continued on with radiation and chemotherapy. I was once again declared cancer free. I was so ecstatic; I would finally be able to have a normal childhood. I would be able to play with my friends and not spend as much time in the hospital. I lived the next 2 years happily. I enjoyed being able to perform tasks that every child could perform. In August 2010, a lymph node was discovered behind my pancreas. This was my 3rd relapse; at this point, I was determined to beat cancer. I had beat it twice so what was…show more content…
Looking back from who I used to be to be before I had cancer was painful. I missed so much in school and I didn’t really have friends because I didn’t have many opportunities to make friends. I spent so much time in the hospital that I basically knew every nurse that was on my floor. I had to learn how to be positive and hopeful. There wasn’t much I could do anymore; I now two different types of cancer. My family came to visit me every day and I could tell how much pain they were in by visiting me. I could tell that it hurt them for me to be in this position. This is one of the many reasons why I had to stay positive. Not only for myself, but also for my family and for many others who were suffering from the disease I was suffering

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