Personal Narrative: My Failure In High School

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To me, highschool wasn’t extremly hard, but it wasn’t easy either. Most of the time I did the least possible work to get by. At my school, at the end of the semester, the teachers would let you make up any missing work and most of the time give full credit. I was that student.
Throughout my education I switched schools a lot. Freshman year was a start at a new school again. In elementary and middle school, I was bullied a lot, so I didn’t know what to expect.
Not much occured Freshman year for failures. In the beginning of the year I joined the cheerleading team as an alternate. By the middle of the season I had shone deidication and hard work and earned a spot on the team. The same thing occured for winter cheerleading. I would consider this a type of success. A success in which I was able to prove my abilites.
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However, due to some injuries in the past with my ankle, I could not run and they did not accept me. I see this as a failure because I have taken care of the injury and tried harder I might of made the team.
In late October of junior year, I fell on the stairs at my home and got a bad concussion. I was unable to do a lot of school related things for about a month. In the meantime, I was in an AP class. I got behind in my school work and was unable to complete all of my work. When I got my results back, I got a decent grade even though I struggled with my course. I see this as a failure, but in the end I was successful because I over came the obstacle.
Since the start of sophmore year, I was part of the Best Buddies club. It was a club that allowed special needs kids and non-special needs kids hangout and make friendships. My success in this finally came Senior year, when I was chosen to be Vice President and make a change in these kids lives because of my dedication and hard work the two years
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