Personal Narrative: My Family As An Immigrant

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My family consist of five people: my mother, father, sister, brother, and me. My dad works as a landscaper. My mom works at Ross dress for less, she works in taking out the merchandise from the boxes and putting them on the hangers, she has been working there for almost 10 years now. My parents immigrated here from Mexico to America a long time ago, before I was born, making them immigrants. My sister is 13 years old and my brother is 15. As for me, I am the oldest of my brother and sister, which means having to take up responsibility at a young age, and growing up early. Some of the responsibilities that i had to do was taking care of my brother and sister while my parents went to work, i’m the one who read all the important paperwork that would come in. I feel that even though i had to grow up early I received a little more trust when it came to going out with friends. Throughout my whole life I have only did one major move and it was from Concord to Antioch( not a huge distance), I moved when I was 6 or 7, and there wasn 't a lot to miss since I was at that stage where moving was the best part, also I barely to understood what was happening most of the time. I started 1st grade when I moved here to Antioch and the classes had already started so I was one of…show more content…
They gave me life, happiness, and love. They gave me all the material I needed to grow up and become someone big in the future. They gave me a good education that I will be able have all my life. They provided me with the basic needs like food, water, a place to live and the most important concept of all, love. My parents are always by my side, even when I am sick. When I do something wrong, they are there to tell me what’s right and what 's wrong. My brother and sister have shown me how to be patient, and to learn how to share. Even if they are younger than me, they have also shown me how to see the different points of views in different
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