Personal Narrative: My Family In Guatemala

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Joselin Pineda Guatemala, the place where I took my first breath. I spent half of my life in this place, I created many happy memories. I would say I had a pretty happy childhood, but I always felt like there was something missing in my life. Maybe it was the love of both of my parents. I tried hard not to think about them, but it was hard not to. I feel like if would have my father in my life, everything would of been different. It broke my heart when family members would tell me that they would see him like five minutes from my house and he would not even bother to say “Hello” or anything. My mother, I love her to death but it hurt when all of the sudden she disappeared and did not get to see her in five years.
My mom had my brother
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On January 15 mostly everyone would take a trip to Basilica of the Black Christ at Esquipulas. Another tradition happens on November 1-2 we celebrate all saint day. We would visit our dead family members and decorate their tombstone. After that we would eat and fly giant kites. Another one of my favorites would be on December 7th, we would pile a lot of trash and then at 6pm we would burn it, this was known as the Burning of the devil day. Lastly Christmas and New Year. It would be similar to America except we would make tamales and fruit punch, dance, and wait until midnight. At midnight we would go outside and set on fire a bunch of fireworks. These traditions made my family closer together. My family and I don't celebrate this traditions anymore which makes all of us
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