Personal Narrative: My Family Trip To Captiva

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Cabo Wabo and Captiva Around five years, ago my extended family and I decided to go to Captiva Island together as a family trip during Thanksgiving. We stayed in a house called Cabo Wabo. Cabo Wabo is a big, bright yellow house. This trip is a little fuzzy, because it was over four years ago. But, we had so much fun on that trip, we decided to go again last year. This trip to Captiva was one of the highlights of my year. First let me introduce all of the people that attended this trip. My Aunt Linda and Uncle Mike, and their college kids Chase and Nick. Then, there was my Aunt Lee, and her daughter Meredith. My grand-mother Mimi also came and was so kind to pay for everything and put it all together. Lastly, my mom Jennifer, my dad David, my brother Will, and myself. Chase is the oldest kid, and is on and off hanging out with us. But when he does, he is so much fun to be around and he is hilarious. Nick, the next oldest, is basically a fish, and the beach is his second home. Nick is always open to hang out with us and he is so easy to be around. Meredith is a wild one, and I love her to death and is easily my best friend/cousin. But, she does tend to worry to much,…show more content…
One day Meredith, Nick, and I, all rented paddle-boards. Nick had his own, because he is a professional, but Meredith and I shared one. We had a ball. I would randomly shake it nonstop causing us to fall over. Other times Nick would sneak up on us and tilt it almost all the way over, causing us to plummet into the water. Another active activity we took part in, was skim boarding. Skim boarding is using a slim board to slide across the water this comes onto the shore. Nick attempted to teach Meredith and I how to do this. Fall after fail after fall after fall after fail, I finally managed to stay on the board for a few seconds. Meredith caught on pretty quickly but it took me awhile to master the art. Actually, I never mastered
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