Personal Narrative: My Family Trip To Florida

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Florida This year my family went to Florida. It was our first family trip, and my only trip that I actually got to go on a plane! My grandpa was over at our house and he was giving my mom some flowers to put out on our patio, and I was in my room. When my mom and grandpa started a conversation about Florida. My grandpa said to my mom, “So this year your mom and I were thinking about taking everyone out to Florida.” So I ran as fast as I could down stairs. “Wait! What? We are going to Florida?” I said. Next thing you know we are in the car driving to the airport. The entire drive there my brother and I were just talking about how excited we were to be going to Florida. To be honest, the plane was really fun besides the popping ears part!…show more content…
We went to Animal Kingdom for our fourth day there. We went on a tour, and we got to see giraffes, monkeys, rhinos, and a lot more. But my favorite thing to see was a lion about 20 feet away for us, but it was not that scary because he was sleeping. For the last day at Disney we went to Magic Kingdom that was probably my favorite place to be. The only reason why is because my mom and I were the only ones to stay and watch the fireworks and the sight of the castle and the fireworks and the same times was like a piece of art work! My mom said to me, “This was probably my favorite part about the trip!” We had one more day left in Florida before we left. We went to the CoCo beach. That was my first time going to a real beach. It was so cold, but we all still went in the water. After a little time in the water we went to look for sea shells. I found a sea shell that was white and then it faded into a light red, I still have it today. The next day we had to leave, which was a bummer because I had a really great time.
But before we left my dad said to me, “I have something for you!”
He pulled out a seashell that said Florida in cursive on it.
So I said, “Thank
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