Personal Narrative-My Family Trip To Florida

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My Family Trip to Florida

Swish!! Boo!! Yeah!! I hear at the noisy American Airlines Arena when Steph Curry drains a clutch 3 pointer to take the lead! In this story, I will tell you the most memorable events from my miraculous trip to Florida with my family! To begin with, one of the best things about warm weather is swimming, so I will tell you all about my experience at the pool. Amazingly, the beach house was as cool as a mansion, it even had a fantastic pool in the backyard, right next to the Gulf of Mexico. It was the best to just swim all day with family and close friends (even though I got a ginormous sunburn). It was amusing to be swimming in weather as warm as fire, in February! Second of all, I did so much things that involved water that wasn’t swimming. Crazily, I went snorkeling for the first time with my dad, the water was as cold as ice, and when I was in the Gulf of Mexico, I saw a whole bunch of starfish and went starfish hunting! We caught 17 starfish! Then to end the weekend, my sister and I went parasailing! It was so amusing to see everything in the ocean, and of course, we went swimming with the dolphins! …show more content…

I got Brandon Rush’s and Marreese Speights autographs! I even got to see my favorite basketball player, Stephen Curry, score 40 points to win the game! The pizza is heaven there, and there food smelled delicious! But after the game, I went back to the house and watched the game over, and I made T.V! In conclusion, my trip to Florida couldn’t have been better! The most enjoyable parts of my trip was the pool, water events, and the Warriors game! So if you and your family are ever looking for a vacation, for sure go to Florida. Just make sure you wear lots of

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