Personal Narrative: My Family Trip To The Bahamas

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Years ago I went on a family trip to the Bahamas. During the time, my sister and I were twelve and eleven, respectively. It was our first trip outside of the United States, so we had to obtain passports. In the Bahamas, my family enjoyed a variety of activities.
Although I nearly died, my favorite memory from the trip was the Leap of Faith water slide. At the time, I was terrified of slides that tower at such angles. When my turn to ride the slide came, I completely ignored the rules by sitting straight up on the way down. As I exited the bottom of the slide, my mother and sister came running at me, looks of fear across their faces. Never did it cross my mind that I put my life in jeopardy, until they reprimanded me for not reading the
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Back in Omaha, I considered myself an amazing rock climber, so I decided to try out the rock climbing. However, completing this rock wall was a formidable task. There were no rocks to grab with my hands, so I had to dig my hands into the crevices of the tower. Although it was tough, the operator Jermaine helped me complete each wall. He encouraged and supported every step of the way until I completed the seemingly impossible wall. Once I descended from the final wall, applause erupted around the resort. Although the applause was for my accomplishment, I felt the applause was for Jermaine. On an excursion from the resort, my family went to a large mansion for dinner. Although it currently stands as a restaurant, it was once a site for famous movies, such as Casino Royale. When we sat down to eat, the waiters would pull out our chairs for us and put our napkins on our laps. They addressed me as “sir” and “governor.” Never have I experienced such politeness from a waiter. Compared to Omaha, the waiters were genteel and treated us like royalty. This experience helped me understand that Bahamian people are hospitable and polite, a break from the American way of life where we speak and act
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