Personal Narrative: My Family With Mental Illness

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My family history is riddled with mental illness. My great grandfather committed suicide after cycling through three families leaving behind nine children. My Aunt spent the majority of her life in a sanatorium, she lost her four children and sense of reality due to her institutionalization. My grandfather died of a stroke, after struggling with Alcoholism and PTSD the majority of his life. His relationships with his six children were profoundly strained due to his abuse when they were children, resulting in him dying with few family members near. These and examples like these affect thousands of individuals every day. Lack of and improper treatment for individuals suffering from mental illness is what defines under served communities to me.…show more content…
Genetics gave me my families disease of Alcoholism as well. When I sought treatment in 2008 I was also diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Part of my recovery from addiction was addressing my mental heal appropriately. I was fortunate to find providers that specialized in the treatment I needed. My insurance covered the cost of extensive outpatient care that gave me a secure foundation of recovery. I was fortunate to establish excellent support networks that supported me through the early years. Many people do not have the same outcomes. Even though we have come very far from the days of my grandfather committing suicide in isolation, never knowing he was ill, much work still needs to be done to assist individuals who cannot find appropriate care.
Understanding my illnesses and learning how to lead a productive life has taken much effort. However, though my recovery I have been bestowed gifts that make life beautiful, and I feel blessed every day. Through my career as a healthcare provider, I have always done my best when I see individuals who struggle with mental illness. If there is a way to support them in learning how to live the life I have found, I will help them find

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