Personal Narrative: My Father And Guillermo Diaz

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Both of my parents grew up in Mexico, and both were very poor from their childhood. My mother, Guillermina Diaz, was born and raised in Tepatitlan, Mexico, whom was the 2nd child out of the 6 in total, with 3 sisters and 2 brothers. They were so poor that at the age of 11, she had to work with her mother and sisters, thus unable to go and finish high school. However, my father, Guillermo Diaz, born and raised in Ejupla, Mexico, had to worst of it. As for him, he was literally homeless, and practically had to be the man in his family of 10, 5 sisters and 5 brothers. To both take care of your sick parents and your siblings, that was a lot of pressure on him, since he was only the 7th child out of the 10. He had to work much earlier age than my
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