Personal Narrative: My Father Mike Tyson

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Tyson descendants starts from my 3rd great-grandfather Noah Samuel Tyson (1808-1874) he was born in Pitt, North Carolina. Noah was a slave owner had several children from his wife and 3 slaves. Louisia Dunn-Gibson is my (3rd great-grandmother) had three children with Noah. Richard "Dick" Tyson (2nd-great-grandfather) was one of the sons. Richard was married three times had my great-grandfather Noah Tyson (his mother is unknown) it's possible Richard's first wife Josephine Brewer maybe the mother from viewing marriage year and 1870 census lists her along with first son John born in 1869. Noah was born in 1872 very close to the years listed.

My great-grandfather Noah married Mary Jane Rose-Tyson their first son was Albert Tyson (my grandfather). Albert married Sara Butler-Tyson they had one son Elmer Tyson (my father). When I was 5 years old, my father passed away. Sheila Tyson is my mother and second wife of Elmer. I'm the youngest out of half-siblings in the family. This year, I accomplish finding a few siblings from my father first wife and a girlfriend. For many years, I was not in touch to them over complex reasons. I'm trying my best to reunite.
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Last week, I sent copies to siblings manage to connect audio for Christmas gifts. My next project is to design a vintage family photobook. Yes, I do have a few photographs attached to tree on father's side. I don't have any photos from my father parents and grandparents. I do have one photo of my great-uncle Gilbert Butler holding me as a baby (not uploaded to
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