Personal Narrative: My Father Said Squid

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What Is That?!

My mom, dad and I went to the surf and turf and my told me that he was going to surprise me and he was going to order my food. ‘Uh oh’ I said in my head. So we got in the restaurant and we sat down at the both and we ordered our drinks like normal but when we were ready to order our food my dad said “Go into the bathroom and wait in there for 1:00 min and then come back out. The waitress came out with our food and BOY, DID IT LOOK NASTY. I questioned my dad “What is that” My dad said “Squid” THAT. WAS. IT. I was not going to eat ‘SQUID’. My mom made me eat it. I took a teeny tiny bite. OMG.That was the best thing i ever tasted. Ever since then every time we go to that restaurant, I get squid.
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