Personal Narrative: My Father's Death

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I remember when I was young I would always think that when you start bleeding from your head that always meant that you were going to die. Well at least that is what I thought. On television, it would sort of be the same I would see people pass out because they were bleeding from the head. One day in Mexico, I was on the swings and I had seen one of my uncles he was my age, he jumped of the swing at midair and my father was taking care of us so he goes to my uncle to check on him and see if he was okay. Well as I see my father walking away, I panicked. I never really liked to be far from my father only when I was at home or if I was with my grandmother or mother. Well as I was panicking I just wanted to go with him so In my head I had no other choice but to jump didn’t feel like I had time to stop the swing completely.…show more content…
I hit the swing I opened my head I remember seeing blood on head my father sees it as well. He panics makes me more worried I start crying he takes to a hospital in Mexico called la Cruz roja. Then they put me in a room just with doctors to stitch me up. Once again like I said earlier, I can never be without my father so I start crying really loud calling for my father kicking and punching the doctors so they had to hold me down so they can give me this medicine so I would calm down and so they can stitch me up after that. I was honestly surprised that I had not died, I remember asking my father why didn’t I die if I was bleeding from my head. He just answers, laughing you know those doctors that you punched and kicked, they helped you out they stitch you up and stop the bleeding. Since then I know that just because you are bleeding from your head doesn’t exactly mean you are going to
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