Personal Narrative: My Field Hockey Experience

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Ever since I started playing field hockey in, 6th grade, I knew that I wanted to play in high school. I’ve participated in camps, and clinics, and I’ve even played for different teams and off season leagues. Over the summer, there were numerous opportunities to practice. I attended everything, and really committed myself to high school field hockey. Eventually at the end of the summer, I made the team and I was so proud of myself. I had worked so hard over the summer and as a result of that, I made the team. The heat coming off the rubber in the turf was exhausting. The scorching sun was beating down on my face as I was working hard. We were already up by three, and everyone was confident that we were going to win. We ran back out onto the…show more content…
I was prepared to score. Lydia passed it to me and it was as strong as a bullet shot directly at my stick. It hit my stick, and I turned and knocked it in the goal just like I’ve done a million times in practice. I scored the fourth goal for my team. I was so excited and proud of my team, and right then I realized how much all my hard work paid off. Everything that I did over the summer, and in the beginning of the season had led me to this moment. It felt amazing to score my first goal in high school. My teammates all ran over to hug and high fived me. “Upper Arlington goal, by number 15, Lucy DeVita!” My dad announced with a smile on his face, and his arms in the air. By the sound of his voice, I knew how proud he was of me.
Eventually, we ended up winning the game 4-1, and I couldn’t have been prouder of myself and my team. After the game we met on the side of the field to talk. “You guys were amazing out there today. You played like a team, and you all played with your hearts, and you all wanted to win.” Coach Maggie said as the chills on her arms and legs became visible. We all worked so hard, and we were tired and sweaty, but it was all worth
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