Personal Narrative: My Field Hockey Team

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The day of September 12th, 2017, was a day in which I will never forget. My field hockey team was tied with St. Joe’s. With little time on the clock, a dribble the ball up the side line and into the circle. The ball found its way to a defender’s foot. “TWWEEET!” the whistle blew from the nearby referee, temporarily drowning out my ears. There was a foul made by the rival team. Relieved, my team rapidly set up for the penalty corner, anxious for a goal. Coaches on the sideline fumbled around with the play book, and struggled to get the correct page open. We heard a shout from the bench, “T!” our coach screamed across the field. This had been our third penalty corner of the half. I checked the scrappy piece of paper that is taped to my stick.…show more content…
Joe to get set, I heard the cries of my other teammates who desperately wanted to win. With the scoreboard at 1:43 in the second half, the referee gave us the all clear to begin the play. The ball was inserted swiftly into play, with a drive. It was well received, but as my teammate started to get a shot, slow motion began in my head. I heard the clack of the ball being bolted at the St. Joe goalie. Sweat dripped effortlessly off my face, giving me a sense of urgency. “We must score this goal!” I say in my head, “I push closer to the goal”. Ready for a rebound and hungry for victory I check the clock once more. It read 1:09. Every step I toke I was more obstructed by the rivals. In a sea of white and green, I saw the ball helplessly tossed around in front of the goal. I urged to be part of it. I moved and moved, yet nothing. The players in front of me blocked my vision. I was in agony, standing there all meek, waiting for the ball to slip my way. Suddenly it found a gap out of the mess. It immediately deflected off my teammate’s stick, like a magnet rejecting the like side. That shiny white ball appeared as if it were coming over to me. There I stood, facing the ball. Somewhere deep inside of me I felt this surge of energy race throughout my
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