Personal Narrative: My Firs Day Of School

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I remember my firs day of school. I was so frighten and sad that my mom had left me with complete strangers.
I remember when I got to fly on an airplane and I was so amazed.
I remember when my best friend moved far away.
I remember when my whole family went on a fishing trips.
I remember when there was a big storm and the power went out and I was terrified.
I remember the time I brought snacks to school and I tripped and my cookies went flying everywhere.
I remember being so shy at conferences with my parents.
I remember when my dance team got first place at our competition.
I remember the time when I first tried to roller skate. I was like 7 years old and my friends always went skating. My best friend won a party night so I decided to go.
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I remember riding my bike with my sisters.
I remember taking baths with my sisters and playing with bubbles and bath toys.
I remember building a fort under our kitchen table all day and then had to take it down for lunch time.
I remember searching the backyard looking for four leaf clovers
I remember the day I went to the Milwaukee zoo with my aunt and sisters. Walking around on the hot day trying to see every exhibit.
I remember the day I got my ears pierced.
I remember going to the fair and the ride works telling me I wasn't tall enough
I remember going to the Mall of America for the first time and it was so much fun seeing how big the mall really was
I remember playing computer games after school
I remember riding in the front seat of my Dads old red truck. The sun warming my skin and the wind blowing through the window you had to roll down yourself.
I remember trying to paint my nails for school and they looked so bad
I remember drinking strawberry pop, which is hard to find nowadays
I remember when I got my first camera. It was a big bulky camera that required film. I took random pictures of my house and my dogs.
I remember eating animal crackers form snack at
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