Personal Narrative: My First AP Classes

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Everyone around me was nervous. Our fourth test back in many of our first AP classes. The first test was the shocker; this wasn’t middle school any more. The second test was the reassurance to many that this was going to be pretty difficult. The third test … well the third test … everyone learned how to fill out the test corrections sheet. It was the last test in the grade book before the parent teacher conferences. I wasn’t all that nervous though, because I already had an A in the class and was feeling pretty good about this last test. When she handed back the scantrons I barely saw any red marks, I only got four wrong. In ninth grade I took AP Human Geography. The class was hard for a lot of other people, but I felt like the class was made just for me.…show more content…
At one point in the class, the teacher was trying to calm everyone down by saying it was normal to have B’s or C’s in this class right now, only one person had an A. Other students were worried because they were good students and got better grades in their other classes. Someone saw my test and said, “I didn’t know you were smart, I barely ever hear you talk”. Sometimes I feel like I am assigned the label of being quiet and shy. I can understand why, but that still doesn’t make anyone else better than me. People thought that I was shy; therefore, they thought I couldn’t be smart. It almost makes me feel embarrassed to be smart, because some people are just so shocked. Shy also seems to be synonymous with boring and not fun. Others appear to be blown away when I say something sassy or funny. If only they knew that when I am around my family or friends I can be the loudest and funniest person. When another girl overhead me telling someone else she said, “Wow! What do you do all day study? I could never do that because I have a life”. I did try hard to do my best in the class but I didn’t spend hours every night
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