Personal Narrative: My First Basketball Game

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I've learned that you should never give up, and always try your best. My story started this year. I had just tried out for a competitive basketball league and I was very anxious because I didn't know what to expect at tryouts and what to expect if I made the team. I was scared I was going to mess or do something incorrect. I'd been playing basketball since the 2nd grade, so I was an experienced player. My 15 year old brother always had encouraged me to try out, after years of seeing me play. We would spend hours outside playing one on one, or just shooting around. At the tryouts, adrenaline rushed through me. Everywhere I looked, people were ether dribbling, shooting, or talking about tryouts and how nervous they were as well. The tryouts started a few minutes later, when the coaches…show more content…
A few days later, the teams met up with the coaches. There were about 10-13 people on each team, and all of mixed grades from grade 6-8. I didn't really know anyone that well, so I just sat and listened as the coach talked and congratulated all of us for making competitive. Then we started practices that week, and the skill level to me was different then I had imagined from my earlier years of playing. the drills were much harder than I was used too, and I got very confused easily for what I was supposed to do. After some more practices, I started doubting the skill I had because of the drills and plays we did. From that day forward, I realized that you learn from the tiny mistakes and all you can do to get better was to never give up, even if you weren't the best at something. I challenged myself to try my hardest at practice, and after a while I finally understood more plays and drills thanks to some practice and my very supportive teammates. Throughout the season, I learned that you should NEVER give up on what you love to do, and that you should always challenge yourself to get better by practicing or asking for some
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