Personal Narrative: My First Basketball Player

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Brick walls will appear in any point of one’s life to everyone. It might seem hard to open a hole and go through or jump over it, but there is always a way to do it. I’m not one of the good guys at basketball, but my passion for it never stopped me. My parents never supported me on this, but I always played and got into the team. I was in the bench for almost a year, just getting water for the other players. My dream was to score at least a basket, in the few minutes I got in. A year went on just being in the bench. Still playing less than five minutes per game, and no points. The next year, there was a tournament for the schools in Central America. I thought I might get some experience by going to the tournament so I trained hard the two months we had for preparation. I…show more content…
I got in the last few minutes of the game. We were winning by around twenty points so there was no way we were going to lose. When I got the ball for the first time, I was in the three point line, and I decided to shoot. When the balls left my hand, the defender from the other team knocked me on to the floor. When I stood up, everyone was screaming. The ball had gone in and I got fouled. I was so happy that inside me, a party was going on. I concentrated and shot the free throw which went in. All the six games, at least scoring one basket, we got to the finals. Fourth quarter of the final game came. Our team was losing by two and there were around fourteen seconds remaining. I don’t know what the coach thought of but he decided to put me in when he had so many other options. The coach told me to stay in the three point line in order to shoot if I can. The game resumed, I went from corner to corner waiting for the ball. The last shot came to me, my mind was blank and I shot the ball with the buzzer off. Everyone was just looking at the ball and the it went in. We had one the
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