Personal Narrative-My First Basketball Player

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The Speech felt like all the knowledge of basketball was flowing through my mind at that very moment. I remember his exact words, “This team hasn't worked as hard as us, they haven't come as far as us, and they certainly don't deserve this trophy more than us.” That speech flow like the ocean's wave on a warm morning in Hawaii. Coach Luke had always been that coach that expects the best from you and well that actually paid off for him sometimes. But this was the championship there was no guarantee of an easy win, it probably was going to be one of our hardest games all season.
The first quarter was a very slow game and we were losing fight off the bat. The game was more intense than batman and the joker fighting. We were getting smacked they had drained 5 3 pointers. It was a battle for the comeback. I just wish we would have had the lead the entire 1st to 3rd quarter.
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We had the crowd on their feet the game was so intense, more than a bullfight in Rome. The game was close all the way to the end, which left us with a 3 point lead with 30 seconds left in the game.
We ended up winning the game by 5 points. At the end all the parents ran on the floor like in the movies which was amazing. It was like we were living in one of our best dreams. The parents were like 50,000 fans at the NBA game 7 of the finals in Cleveland vs. Golden State. The other team was upset they lost are we congratulated them and shook hands and told them good jobs which really it was a really intense game the whole way though.
We had won the game and made an amazing comeback probably the best comeback in 7th grade is basketball history if you ask me. The ride home from the game that night was special I ask myself if I thought I could pursue my dream of basketball is yes I thought so. The future awaits for the truth to be
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