Personal Narrative: My First Black President

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Every individual attains an innate desire to be something great and to form our mark in the world we live. This desire is displayed in our dreams, our child-like dreams of changing the world and I am no different. When I was little, people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up. For six years my response never changed, with my chest puffed out, I would boldly state, “I’m going to be the first black president of the United States!” Then on November 4th, 2008 Barrack Obama stole my dream and was elected the 44th president. It would be a year later that I would meet the man, I was unable to reprimand him for his, what I at the time considered, thievery. Since obliteration of my goal in life, I made a new goal for high school. I would be Freshman Student Council President! However, in response to careful consideration of my popularity level, I quickly reconstructed my goal. I would be Freshman Student Council Vice-President! My high school career finally began and in the first week the announcements were made discussing the process for anyone interested in running for office. The necessary preparations were made and I was placed on the ballot, along with a number of other prospective students. My opponents and I campaigned for a whole…show more content…
I had run for the position, believing I would do what was best for my class. In the beginning, I was excited having conjured a plethora of ideas, ready to enact and perform them all. The very first meeting I walked in chest puffed out and a smile on my face. The class sponsor started the meeting, asking if any of us had any ideas. Open Season had begun! As I read my ideas aloud, one by one, they were shot down, being deemed as “prohibited” or “too complicated.” As I shuffled out of the meeting, I slouched and sulked. My enthusiastic attitude had ceased to exist. The year proceeded and with the exception of attending mandatory meetings I did absolutely
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