Personal Narrative: My First Box Baggie Game

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“LET'S GO!” Screams a player on my team who has clearly been at the field for a while, waiting anxiously for the first box lacrosse game of the season.This is my first season playing lacrosse; a sport that I've always wanted to play but never had the courage to try, until now. I arrive at the field, my heavy bag has started to cramp my hand before the game has even begun. Most of our team is there and is already padded up and waiting for the game to begin.

I quickly drop my bag and start to get dressed. As soon as my bag hits the ground butterflies swarm my stomach like bees towards honey. I start to second guess my decision to play lacrosse. What if I'm the worst player? What if I completely embarrass myself? This uncertainty stays with me while I take the sideline and the starters take the field. With each growing second I get more nervous and nervous, I’m starting to dread the moment I step on the field. Players begin to step off the field being subbed out by their fellow teammates. I'm now the first one in line as a see a tired soul jog off the field. Coach slaps my back and pushes me onto the turf.

My trembling cleat hits the turf, butterflies, bees and whatever else was making me
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Each time we score, the opposing team comes right down the field and scores on us. This process continues until the start of the third period where momentum starts to shift. The back of the line holds my place as the final period begins. I know that I’m going to come into the game in the clutch final minutes. I can’t let my teammates down, I need to do my best and play my game. The clock is now down to 3:00 minutes and coach subs me into the game. I immediately run onto the field and spot my team on a fast break with two defenders on his tail. I’m just able to catch up to one of the trailing defenders and lower my shoulder into his side and knock him over. The sound resonates like a drum and he falls to the ground allowing my teammate to
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