Personal Narrative: My First Chemotherapy

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It is January of 2005, and I am on my way to Columbus for my first chemotherapy. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October of last year. My two sons, Jeff and Jason are coming along with me. Jeff is driving, Jason is in the passenger seat and I 'm in the back seat of Jeff’s 2002 GMC Envoy. I glance out the window and watch as we pass the Shoe. It was chilly and the winds were powerful on this winter day, snow was covering the trees and the ground, it was a beautiful sight of a winter wonderland. We are on our way to the James Center, where I 'm receiving my treatment. A month ago I got my results back saying the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes and I would need to start chemotherapy. When Dr. Janelston told me the news I was so nervous because I didn’t know what to…show more content…
Jeff sits down beside me on the left and Jason on my right. The chairs were brown and had leather cushions. When I sit down cold chills ride up my spine as if the chair hasn’t been sat in because the leather is freezing. About 10-15 minutes later, a nurse with long hair as bright as a lemon calls me back to take my blood pressure and a sample of my blood. I take a seat in the chair beside the desk where the nurse starts entering information into the computer. I pull up my sleeve of my beige sweater just above my elbow. After she is done, I return to the waiting room until they are ready to bring me back for treatment. This time a nurse with straight brown hair that came down to her shoulders came out of the large automatic doors separating the waiting room from the hallway leading to the rest of the rooms in the office and said “Eleanor Bowman”. I give both my sons a hug and they wish me luck before I go back with the
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