Personal Narrative: My First Citizenship Program

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BG As I walked into Kaolin Mushroom Farm, I was scared of the power I held within my hands. “It was time,” I thought, I’m was going to teach my first citizenship class. The supervisor and I had already printed the papers, bought the official flashcards, and prepared the powerpoint, yet I still could not shake the butterflies in my stomach. From the first moment I arrived, I never imagined the impact and success the program would achieve. An idea that started as an announcement on a whiteboard, turned into a two-night a week session that allowed immigrants access to free citizenship and English classes. From one to over twenty students, the program has grown to beyond belief. Every opportunity I had, I dedicated to helping better the lives of my new found friends and students. The joy and hope I saw within the class inspired me to keep volunteering, and helping those who needed it in a time of fear and uncertainty. As the Hispanic and Latino communities have been slandered in recent times, I noticed fewer and fewer students. Of the students who attended, many told me that the hardships of assimilation and fears of discrimination held back my students from class. I was heartbroken; I hoped to establish a…show more content…
One of my first students, Juana, was scheduled to take her citizenship test. As we practiced the flashcards and the multiple run throughs of the practice test, I saw the fear in her eyes, and for the first time I felt everything she was going through: the fear, the excitement, and the chance for a new and better life. That night we left feeling nervous, but the confidence in the work we achieved was present. The next day I did not receive a phone call from Juana, she was supposed to call upon her passing, but there was silence. Still seven o’clock nothing; however at 7:39 PM, I received a call from a very excited Juana who now is a citizen of the United
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