Personal Narrative: My First Clinical Experience

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Driving Ninety mile per hour trying to get to clinicals as fast as I could, my mind was racing just as fast. How could I forget the time of my first clinical? I have never been late to clinicals! And of course I will now get a clinical unsatisfactory, and I just blew my chance at extra credit opportunities for the whole semester? What was I thinking? What a bad first impression! My clinical instructor is going to hate me! Has I’m thinking and time is not waiting, I finally arrived at Cumberland Hall and I remember think “Justice, just don’t cry!” Walking to meet my clinical instructor, the emotions that I have been weighing on my shoulders from the beginning of the week and now being late I could no longer control and tears immediately fell.…show more content…
Starting off with pre-conference and then having the opportunity to sit in on a verbal deescalating class help with my fear of being thrown out onto the floor. I was pretty sure we would be in pre-conference for a few minutes and then the rest of the day would be interacting and conversing with the clients. It was a great opportunity to sit-in on a verbal deescalating class. Being students and so we can be aware of what we are facing, we often get told the worst end of the possible situation. Either the clients are at a calm state or they are manic in a possible violent state; in which you run for your life, but in verbal de-escalation it was express that we can contribute in calming the client down before it gets out of hand. Without farther delays it was time, time to meet my very first mental psych client. This was one conversation and interaction that I will never forget. My pervious fear of clients not trusting me enough to open up and talk to me immediately went out the window. My client was very upfront and from the very first question (What brings you in today?) went on to a full blown out story of exactly way he was there. We began to talk and everything seemed great; until, my client was called into the treatment team which I found out he did not tell me his real name, he also falsely told me his mother was dead, and lastly he was caught with a can of dip that I was never

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