Personal Narrative-My First Cold War

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We have just arrived at the border via railway and have met the Russians. As we approached them I realized just how outnumbered we really were. I thought that we were in over our heads. I was afraid but I would never admit it. I steeled myself as we went forward. After the first shot, all of what I thought was fear had turned into excitement. It was now or never; kill or be killed. My gun was readied and I pointed it at a young fellow who was probably my age at the most. I put my hand on the trigger and took a deep breath, then pierced his stomach with a bullet. Another fellow approached me with his sword in his hand and a menacing gleam in his eyes. With a quick pull of the trigger and no regrets I shot him in the chest. In the end, we were pushed back. I knew this was only the beginning of a difficult battle and boy, was I right. The following day the Russians attacked the XX Corps and more blood was shed. I did not participate in this particular event but from what I 've been told it was not a pretty site. Arms were fired, bombs and shells were dropped, and swords were drawn. In the end, they retreated to Orlau-Frankenau, but the Russians followed. As the days progressed, the…show more content…
The next day, François launched an attack on the I Russian Corps, who were on the Russian left and caused them to fall back. The XII Russian Corps were ordered to leave Allenstein and help at Tannenberg. By that time, most of the Russian Second Army, including the XII, XV, and part of the XXIII Corps were in Tannenberg. The day after that, the I Russian Corps, who were on the left, and the VI Corps, who were on the right, retreated. The center was running out of the supplies, so they retreated to the southeast. It was too late for any help now because by this time we formed a line south of the Russians between Willenberg and Neidenberg. The XVII Corps had moved to meet us and the next day we formed a pocket, near Frogenau, that surrounded

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