Personal Narrative: My First Cross Country Linear Bike Race

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On April 13th, 2016 I took part in my first cross country dirt bike race. Cross country racing is on an 10-20 mile track through the woods with hills, logs, large rocks, and many other obstacles to get past. Riders must battle the terrain for 2 hours to finish the race The race was about an hour north somewhere around Martinsville, Indiana. My dad could not go with me because of work so it was just my mom and I taking the trip there. My dad’s truck was with him at work so we were forced to borrow my cousin’s delivery van which only had one seat. With some ratchet straps and tape I managed to secure a lawnchair to the floor the the van where the seat would be and we made our journey that way. Upon arrival of the track, It was much better than I had imagined, the smell of the two stroke engines and the smell of the campfires people were sitting around in the pits from camping the night before, and the smell of spilled gas were very…show more content…
Somehow I convinced my mom to get on the back of my bike and let me drive her to the check-in building which was about a quarter mile from our spot. As we took off, I could hear her saying “easy Ian” which was only motivation to me. “lan what are you doing? Slow down!” which was all the motivation I needed. I cracked open the throttle lifting my front wheel off the ground just enough for her to start screaming “let me off this thing!” After the well enjoyed ride to the check-in area, it was time to line up for the race. In cross country racing, all the riders in each class line up in a field, each class in it’s own row with their engines off. The flagman will call out “Ten seconds” telling all the racers to get ready. A few seconds later, the flagman will wave his flag, all the racers will start their bikes and race to be the first one into the woods. The racers start a row at a time until all the racers are in the
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