Personal Narrative: My First Day As A Middle Schooler

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My first day as a middle schooler was a horrible one. I faced a lot of depression and loneliness. Before I went to Chaboya Middle School I was in Ramblewood Elementary. I was on way to graduating the sixth grade and I was on my way to Sylvandale Middle School, the middle school I was supposed to go to, with all my best friends that I had in Elementary. After my graduation at Ramblewood Elementary my parents gave me some news about my middle school. They told me that they didn’t want me to go to a middle school like Sylvandale, because it’s too dangerous for me and they were afraid I would get into fights or hurt myself. My parents decided that I would go to a middle school that was far from our house and high in the hills where the rich people lived. My…show more content…
I saw Ms.Schafer as a challenging teacher, but I knew that even if she was really challenging, she would be helping us learn and understand life science. Later the bell rang for everyone go to lunch, and I still haven’t made any real friends. I walked around campus looking for something fun to do or looking for someone that could be in the same situation as me. As I was looking for something to do, I slipped off the edge of the path I was going and rolled down some giant stairs, which people usually sat on. I found myself in huge scrapes and my hands covered in mud and blood. I knew I was going to be in big trouble with my mom and a teacher quickly approached me and took me to the office where they patched me up and called my mom. Once my mom came to the office she was very angry and I ended up getting more hurt when I got home and my parents disciplined me. In conclusion, my first day as a 7th grade middle schooler was one moment I would perfectly recall in my life and till this day I have some permanent scars that stayed with me from the day that I fell off the path I was
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