Personal Narrative: My First Day In High School

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The first day of school just ended. At first I wasn 't really that interested in school but then I found out that my classmate is Cassidy. My day went from uninteresting to interesting. I 'm really excited for the following days of this school year. I was reminiscing what happened today when suddenly Dwayne tapped my shoulders "Why so serious man?" Dwayne asked as he handed me a can of soda "I bet he 's thinking about the girl he bumped into" Teos said as if he could read my mind "That girl that I bumped into was my bestfriend" I said as I took a sip of my soda "I thought you liked her" he blurted out "Nah, she 's just my bestfriend and besides even if I have feelings for her I don 't think she feels the same way towards me" I responded. That 's right I have feelings for my bestfriend. I just sighed at that thought and joined Teos and Dwayne in their conversation. *4 MONTHS LATER* This past few months I noticed that V is trying to avoid me. I don 't know why but ever since my first day she didn 't even approach me. She never even bothers to smile when we see each other. I have to find out why she 's avoiding me and I have to confess about my feelings about her. But to do this I have to get some help. As I was thinking about my plan to talk to V the bell ranged signaling that it 's time for lunch. I hurriedly went out of the classroom to look for Zionne and CJ. Once I saw them I quickly pulled them until we reached the field. "What do you think you 're doing? We don 't
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