Personal Narrative: My First Day In Middle School

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That one day that changed everything It was still early in the morning at the middle school it’s still dark out I can hear the bell ring right out the front of the school and all the students talking to their friends or teachers. I was afraid to know what was going to happen next just the thought of it sometimes make me sick. They have done this since I started middle school. I haven’t told anyone because I knew what would happen if I did. I was running late because I missed the bus so I had to run to school. When I got there, the class had already started. I opened the door and everyone and I mean everyone was looking at me. The teacher had asked me, “ Simon why are you late and take off that stupid hat.’’…show more content…
It’s looks like the green part on a watermolen like how it’s dark green then light green. Time skip It was now lunch. But today something bad happened. I was walking to the lunchroom when the people who bullied me just showed up and things happened. Nobody saw what happen because they did it when nobody was around. Nobody will know what happens to me not even my Dad or the teachers.Today had to be the worst one out of the days they’ve done it. When they went away I just sat in the hallway because it really hurt to move, it felt like really sharp pins and needles . Time skip to the next day
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