Personal Narrative: My First Day In Middle School

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Any fifth grader would be happy advancing to middle school. But I was an exception to what I just stated. I recently moved from a fantastic house in New York City into a junky little house on the bay of California. Even worse, I lost all of my friends, and was starting fresh off the bat. My first day at school was hard enough. I tried to talk to the tall older students around me, but they simply ignored me. They continued to talk knowing my presence was still there. Of course, I was basically a dog next to an elephant. Soon, I found myself listening to other students’ conversation and gave up. Later, the six classes I had to attend without getting late to any of them, rushing and out of breath whenever I got there. But, during lunch was the worst part of school. Since, I recently arrived to this middle school, I was…show more content…
I got my lunch and was patiently waiting for them to appear. I wasn’t hungry, so I threw out my medicine and my lunch. And they appeared out of thin air. When they were going to harass me again, I ran with swift movements dodging the their attacks. Then, I ran to a teacher as fast as lightning hoping the gang would follow behind me. Luckily, they were inches behind me trying to catch up. But, when they got to me, they were all in for a surprise of a lifetime. My adrenaline rush had just kicked in and with every step I took, my heart raced faster and faster beating up to 150 beats per minute. The penalty for bullying will have a harsh consequence, they would wish they have never messed with me or other people. “I need help! There is this gang of students bullying me and is right behind me. The odd part is it during lunch only. You won’t believe what they did to me.” I spurted out, excited for what was going to happen next. “What students are you talking about? No one was following you to begin with,” the nurse responded, confused about the situation while trying to inject him some
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