Personal Narrative: My First Day In My Life

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I walked in, it was a bitter cold and wet day. My first day, February 15th, 2007. It was the scariest feeling you could feel walking into a brand new place knowing no one but your brother. Mr. Dunning walks up, and shakes my trembling hand and introduces himself. Me as a first grader didn 't know what to do so I just said “Hello”. We started walking to my class just down the hall from the main lobby. The clear steps on the tile floor inching forward to my new life in a new school. I arrive at the door and Mr. Dunning says hello to the class. He announced to the staring first graders that there new student had finally arrived, which was me. I walked in to a decorated room knowing it was the day after Valentines Day. There was a little baggy just sitting on the desk marked Sean. I sit down and here a “What 's up” I jerk my head right. I didn 't respond. “My names Christian.” I look around and it seems as if a thousand eyes are staring at me. Oops! I get up and rush out of the classroom. Mrs. Amling running after me asking where I am going. I run to Mr. Dunnings office and the secretary stopped me right before I could push the door open with all my might. She asks, “What do you need?” I stutter for a second, “Some pants.” She gives a questioning look and asks, “What 's wrong with yours?” I stand there still feeling my face turning red as a tomato. “I pooped.” She repeats, “Its ok”. She leads me to the nurses office where she opens up a cabinet and asks, “What size?” I

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