Personal Narrative: My First Day Of Basketball

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When I first started playing basketball I had trouble with the plays and remembering where to go. That was how it was for me with spelling I couldn't remember which letter was which because I am dyslexic. I believe that if you don't try in something you will never get to where you want to be. That brings me to my first day of basketball at mize elementary.

I didn't know many of the people there and I was scared I couldn't dribble as good as the other guys and girls, I couldn't shoot as good as them, and I wasn't as fast as them. I always had my dad there thought, he was always watching, encouraging me to do better and he helped me get better at home too. I missed my shot over and over and over and I thought I would never make a shot and then I did. Just like my spelling I thought I would never get my letters right but I started to. I was either on the court or in the small classroom working hard.

I thought I would never succeed in basketball or in spelling but I did. Now I know
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About one and five students have dyslexia that is 15-20% of the population. Some sports would of been hard to me when I was dyslexic because I would of have to memorize plays and hand signals not in basketball.

People have always wanted to be something, someone in there life so if you believe you can do it, do it. When I was a little boy I wanted to be a military engineer but I learned that to get somewhere in life ye must work towards it. Just like in school you must study to get good grades to go to a good college then get a great job. The worst thing to do is to assume, never assume something because if you assume you will do amazing and then ye don't, ye learn the truth.

Now it is a breeze playing basketball i know where to go and most of the plays i learn pretty easy. Go out there find what you're good at, work hard at it and you will

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