Personal Narrative: My School Day At University

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I wake up on a snowy winter’s day; the breeze picks up and dances around my bedroom. Brisk cold flutters into its unwanted attendance. The ground beyond my window; covered in sharp, mystical snow. God, it’s the best view I’ve ever seen. My first day of university.

I get up and get dressed: Jeans, a polo-shirt and my running jacket; so basically the norm. The cold licks my face. I put on my radio and Chuck Berry’s ‘School Day’ was playing. The snow sways to the upbeat song about literally a school day. Boston is a growing city. It advances centimetres at a time but it does grow.

I still can’t believe the world. It’s separating whites from blacks; separating family from family. Brother from brother; sister from sister. Religious
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Roscoe!” roared the principal. A plane flies over the school, everyone runs in all directions, it was a bomber, most probably from the Vietnam War. Less than ten years after World War II and humans are freaking fighting again. What’s the world coming to?

The hurricane seller was nearby. Teachers were trying to herd children into the hurricane seller… The Principal ran to the seller. He had forgotten about me. A bomb hit the ground I was standing on less than five minutes ago. The stupid moron tied me to the chair as punishment and ran. A pair of scissors were laying on the desk. I grabbed it with my teeth, bent over and grabbed it with my hands. I sliced the leather straps with the scissors and ran.

If I ran to the hurricane seller I would get all the school killed. The science lab wasn’t far, I was certain there was a study room under it. I ran, keeping the scissors in my hand. The second bomber came and hit the principal’s office blasting me forward. I jumped back up and ran. The lab door was locked, however there was a glass pane on the door... I stepped back and threw the scissors at it; penetrating it with ease.

I stepped through the empty pane, the room was desolate. A simple wooden door lead to the study room, I was sure of
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