Personal Narrative: My First Day Of School In America

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At the age of 12 my life was about to change forever. My mother and father decided to move to the United States. They thought that I would be better off going to school here in u.s. They left me and my two sisters with my grandmother. After four years it was time for me and my two sisters to finally see our parents. I had traveled a long distance from Ethiopia in order to be with my parents who had been here for four years, hoping America would help my future. Anxiety started taking over. I was on my way for my first day of school in America. I was scared, nervous words can’t describe how I was feeling. I didn’t know anybody. I didn’t know what to do or where to go. I went to my first-period class I didn’t speak any work I was just sitting very quietly. As soon as the bell rang everybody start to get up and leave even the teacher. I was very confused because back home in Ethiopia usually the teachers switch according to periods and students have to stay in the same class they can’t leave. Whole time I am…show more content…
My teacher asked me my schedule, the papers I got in homeroom and she explained everything for me her voice comforted me. It was all my fault I didn’t bother to look at the papers and my schedule. I learned that it’s always worthy to follow directions. She told me to go to my second period. I got up and started walking to the door everyone’s eyes were on me with nervousness on one hand and fear on the other, I reached for the door knob. Since it was my first day, I was confused which hallway to use so I was just walking around trying to find my second period after wondering around I managed to get to my class. I went to my second period class and the bell rang as I entered. I was confused about when I would have lunch. I didn’t know anything, nor anybody. As time passed that semester, I industrialized some friendships and I started to actually like my
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