Personal Narrative: My First Deer Hunt

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I remember waking up early one morning the day after thanksgiving with one of the biggest smiles on my face that I had ever had, It was my first deer hunt and I couldn't wait to get on the road. For years I went hunting with my dad but this year was different because I actually got to shoot a deer and my grandpa was coming with us. On the drive up to where we hunt my dad and I didn't do much talking because I fell asleep almost right away in the car, I don't know why but for some reason I always fall asleep when I get in the car. But for the portion of the drive that I was awake my dad and I talked about his first time hunting and what it was like for him. He explained to me that he fell in love with it and he wishes he could go each and…show more content…
I love that place I always switch between the 1/2 pound burger or the 1/4 pound burger depending how hungry I’am that day, where as my dad and grandpa usually get the steak. But after a great dinner and a well needed rest we set out again to do some more hunting and hopefully get me a deer. But instead of me getting one my dad got one and it was a nice one. It was a 3 by 4 buck and it was huge he had to shoot it three times just to finally kill it. It wasn't until he started to gut the deer that I finally learned the true gruesomeness of deer hunting and I loved it. Sure I felt a little sick at first but after a while I got used to it and everything was ok. If you don't know that gutting the deer means its basically where you cut open the deer and pull out all of the intestines and drain the deers body of all of its blood. Once we got the deer cleaned we drug it back to the shed and hung it up. Then we set out again to find myself a deer. We were driving over to the Kelly Hill property when we spotted him, he was a great looking 4 by 4 buck out in the middle of a field surrounded by 11 doe. My dad and I all ninja like crawled up a hill and set up a good line of sight on the deer. Then BANG… the deer jumped in the air and began to take off, after about 45
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