Personal Narrative: My First Dog

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Getting my first dog Gracie was the best day of my life! Since I was about 4 I have always begged and pleaded for a puppy or dog. I even went online and researched different types of dogs. When I was researching I found a type of breed that was awesome for my family! So I wrote a 3 page essay about that breed and gave it to my mom and dad, but they still didn’t aprove about getting a dog. Anyway I have always dreamed about getting a dog and one day this dream came true. It all started when I found this website that shows a bunch of breeders and the puppies that they are selling. So that day I told my mom about the website. Each day I would check on the website, and once I found a puppy I liked I tried to convice my mom and dad to get it. It took a while but it finally payed of. My mom started looking at the…show more content…
At 1:40 my parents picked me and my sister up. In the car was just my dad and my mom with a bunch of dog toys,food,etc. Before we got on the road we stopped at dunkin donouts. We finally got on the road…. 4 hours later we were there. It was a very very large farm. We met the lady and then she brought out all the puppies. There was about 5-8 puppies all together. She brought the puppies out in a wagon and put them in her green house. She let the puppies down on the floor. We played with them for a while trying to decide which one we wanted. The puppies were all so cute and adorable. But it was finally time to decide on what puppy we wanted. My mom and I wanted Gracie and my dad and sister wanted another puppys. But we ended up getting Gracie. The car ride back home was another 4 hours. The whole entire car ride Gracie was sleeping. In conclusion, Gracie was who we picked and I would never ever regret it. Overall, Gracie is my best pal and I love her with all of my heart. Her orginal name was Carry but we enjoyed the name Gracie much more. In conclusion, I am very grateful to have Gracie
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