Personal Narrative: My First Experience Football On The Soccer Team

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The whistle blew for half time and our whole team staggered off the soccer field, trailing the other team 1-0 in the Memorial Cup Final .We had ran like madmen in the first half as we struggled to keep up with USAI 's fast-pace possession game strategy. While we got a well deserved water break, our coach discussed what had happened so far in the game and how we could fix our mistakes. “ We have to be more composed around the ball guys! If we get the ball everyone just focus on completing your first pass and things will develop from there.” Moments later the referee blew the whistle once again signaling both teams to get back on the field. As the others and I got on the field, Coach Robbie held me back and reminded me in encouraging words, “ Be a leader out there.” I nodded to show I understood and jogged back on the field, “Let’s go guys!”. In 25 minutes out of the 30 minutes of the half we had tied USAI 1-1 giving our team the final burst of energy to win the game. I had loved every second of it, the grass making me see green everywhere, the yells of my parents on the sideline, but most of all the competition. A short while later my teammate suddenly was flattened to the ground by a player on the other team. The whistle shrieked and the ref ran to the side of my teammate. As…show more content…
“Play on.” I hear in his clear but lackadaisical tone. The ball, differing from the ref’s personality, zips straight to me on the ground and I take a touch to control it, but soon I am on the move. My feet glide across the crisp grass as I dash across the green battlefield towards my opponent 's goal. Nothing can stop me. I am like a virus, infiltrating myself into USAI’S defense with no mercy. I scrutinize my enemy’s goal looking for any weaknesses, but suddenly I feel the ball getting torn from my feet as somebody on the other team slide tackles me from where I couldn’t see
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